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The Safe & Together Institute is an international leader in in-person and distance learning in the domestic abuse and welfare fields.

Child Welfare

The end result of the Safe & Together Model is the same goal as those working in the child welfare system – to keep the child safe.
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Advocacy/Women's Sector

The Safe & Together Model holds the same values as those working with survivors of domestic violence. Women survivors should have agency and be kept safe and together with their children.

To ensure that you are equipped to fight for the well-being of those you work with, both the survivors and your staff, the Safe & Together Institute provides tools and language necessary to shift the conversation away from the ineffective “failure to protect” paradigm, which focuses blame on the survivor and not the perpetrator.

Family Court

More than 50-80% of custody cases include a domestic violence accusation. Separation and the dissolution of a relationship can be one of the most violent times for a family. In some of these cases, children can be used as a weapon of post-separation coercive control or as the target.
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Mental Health

The Safe & Together Model makes you a powerful partner with survivors in their recovery.

Many mental health and addiction professionals find domestic violence is a factor in their cases. As professionals in the field, you are called in to support child welfare cases to determine the health and capabilities of both the perpetrator and the victim. Yet many mental health professionals are ill-prepared to deal with the complexity and delicacy of these cases. They can assess if the client is a danger to themselves, but not always if they are a danger to others.

Men's Behavior Change

As the first line of service for those looking to address male violence, Men’s Behavior Change professionals play a critical role in the domestic violence ecosystem. When the practice becomes domestic violence informed through the Safe & Together Model, you can create better outcomes and a more lasting impact on the lives of perpetrators and survivors.
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Our learners believe in us

"Firstly, I must admit to not being a fan of e-learning. It does not suit my learning style as I prefer a dynamic, responsive and flexible learning environment where discussion and exploration is fluid. Usually e-learning does not provide this.

With that in mind, I approached the e-learning modules you provided with a heavy dose of weariness and skepticism. However, I have to admit that the courses were excellent, the best e-learning experience I have had. They were interactive, varied, packed full of useful and relevant information and were bright, colourful, light in tone but heavy in content. The ideal balance actually.

Thanks for changing my perception of e-learning for the better! … My expectations raised regarding e-learning and to still provide me with further learning of the model is testament to how effective the e-learning is."
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David Brown
United Kingdom
"Since the e-learning course, the staff have been more conscious in using the concepts and questions. They have found specific topics covered in the companion document aligning very well with their day-to-day programme implementation for family violence and child protection cases."
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Pave Singapore
Family Violence Expert

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