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Men's Behavior Change

The first stop in addressing male violence
As the first line of service for those looking to address male violence, Men’s Behavior Change professionals play a critical role in the domestic violence ecosystem.

When the practice becomes domestic violence informed through the Safe & Together Model, you can create better outcomes and a more lasting impact on the lives of perpetrators and survivors.

The Safe & Together Model gives you a holistic view of domestic violence, allowing you to address the perpetrator as a parent. Studies show that speaking of the impact of violence on children is a greater motivator for change.

Through the Model, you will become more domestic violence informed, better to understand the domestic violence power and control wheel, and its impact on progress. You will become a greater collaborator and partner with those in the domestic violence ecosystem, gaining a common language and framework to support the safety of the survivors and the child’s wellbeing. You will modernize the system to ensure that men are not lost as part of the solution, ensuring they are held accountable for their actions as well as gaining the tools for change.
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Learn about how Safe & Together
  Shifts systems 
  Assists child welfare in assessing child safety & wellbeing when domestic violence is a factor
  Works with mental health and addiction specialists
  Works with multi-agency and high risk teams

Foundational Courses

Men's Behavior Change Courses