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Web-Based Perpetrator Pattern Mapping Tool

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The web-based Perpetrator Pattern Mapping Tool is a virtual practice tool for improving assessment, intervention, and outcomes through a perpetrator pattern-based approach. The tool allows practitioners to apply the Model’s critical concepts and principles to their current case load in real-time. The tool helps identify the primary perpetrator and their patterns of coercive control and violence, assesses the harm to children and documents protective parenting efforts. This behavioral and fact-based tool helps to avoid gender bias and supports impartiality. It specifically addresses key issues like intersections, lateral violence, and patterns beyond the family itself, including the perpetrator’s manipulation of systems and can help contextualize and evaluate concerns about “contact resistance and refusal”. The tool includes a place for workers to consider the implications for their practice and next steps.

The tool includes two parts:

  • A brief orientation to domestic violence-informed practice and a perpetrator pattern-based approach; the uses for the tool; and preparation for using the tool.
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  • The virtual tool, which serves as a self-guided case processing space, is useful for individual, supervisory, or group work on multiple cases. This tool includes: manageable steps with specific guidance, tips, links to additional resources, and self-guided “check your work” sections to ensure successful completion of the tool. In addition, the tool provides guidance for reflection on implications for planning and decision making. The tool allows mapping up to five (5) cases at a time for documentation, report writing, and case planning.

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