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Payment Help

Can we pay by invoice?

Yes, invoices can be made for one or more learners. Click the button below to start the process.

My company sent me a registration link, but I'm being charged for the course.

If your company has sent you a registration link, when you click on it, you should be taken to a payment page that shows a total price of $0 to register. There are three reasons you might be presented with a charge:
The coupon code was not applied after clicking the link.
Sometimes browsers may block the coupon code from auto-populating via the custom registration link. This can be remedied by applying the coupon code (the very end of the link) from the instructional email to the Coupon Code field. Once applied, the registration price should change to $0.
Coupon cannot be used anymore or has expired.
Registration links (and coupon codes) will only allow learners to register for the assigned course(s) until the expiration date (or "enrollment deadline"). This error message indicates that the maximum number of enrollments has been reached and/or that the enrollment deadline has passed. Learners can purchase access directly from their account or request an invoice if further access is needed.
Oops, it seems that the coupon you are trying to redeem doesn't apply to this.
This message can indicate that there is a typo in the coupon code, or that the coupon code doesn't apply to this product. If you're not sure which, please send us the coupon code and we'll send you a registration link!
   If you are not logged in, the system will prompt you to create an account. Please remember to log in first before attempting to enroll in the course. Creating multiple accounts may lead to lost data or limited account update options.

What is the standard currency for the Virtual Academy?

All prices are listed in US Dollars. If you reside outside of the US and place an order through the Virtual Academy, you will be charged the US price at the current conversion rate for your local currency and your payment confirmation will reflect the US price as well. Your payment confirmation/invoice cannot be changed once the payment is made (your bank statement will reflect the local price paid). Please be mindful that the conversion rate can change daily.
If you would like an invoice in your local currency, please request an invoice here:

I'm from Australia and am unable submit my payment. What do I do?

Please enter four to five zeros (0) into the zip-code field (0000). If this doesn't resolve the issue, please reach out to us!

Where can I find my payment receipts?

If your course access was paid through your learner profile, you can find your receipts by hovering over the Me tab in the top navigation bar and clicking Payment History.
If your course access was paid by invoice, please let us know:
  • Your purchasing group
  • The courses purchased and learner quantity
  • The date of payment
  • Any registration links or coupon codes issued
We'll be happy to send you a new copy!

How do I cancel my subscription?

When you cancel your subscription, the automatic payments will stop, but you will have access to your subscription until the end of the billing period.
  1. After logging in, highlight the "Me" tab.
  2. "Payment History" will appear. Click "Payment History." 
  3. Click the "Cancel Subscription" button on the right side of the page. The button will change to allow you to reactivate your subscription, and you will be sent an email confirmation.