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Masterclass: Applying a Perpetrator Pattern-Based Approach in Family Court Context 

An Introduction to the Safe & Together Model

Keynote 1 “Why does she keep choosing him over her children?”

Workshop 1: Implementation of Safe & Together Beyond the Classroom

Workshop 4: The Safe & Together Book - Interviewing Survivors and Practitioners

WORKSHOP 5: Using the Web-Based Perpetrator Pattern Mapping Tool to Embed Safe & Together into Your Agency

WORKSHOP 8: Systems Change: Using Implementation Strategy to Create Real Domestic Violence Informed Change

KEYNOTE 1: Responding Effectively to Coercive Control

KEYNOTE 2: The Disregarded Protective Capacity of the Black Woman Survivor: Why doesn’t she get any points for that?

KEYNOTE 3: The Four Pillars of “Failure to Protect” Culture

WORKSHOP 3: From Parent-Centered to Child-Centered 

WORKSHOP 4: Self Care for Practitioners