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A collection of practical resources to support your understanding and use of the Safe & Together Model.
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Toolkits, White Papers, and Reports

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The Choose to Change Toolkit

This booklet is for men who are worried about their behavior toward their loved ones. By offering you the tools to change, we can encourage your efforts to be a better partner & father.

Self-Assessment Tool & Evaluation Framework

A tool for agencies to assess, measure, and demonstrate the extent to which their workforces, systems, and processes are domestic abuse-informed and the impact of this on practice, policy, and families affected by domestic abuse.

Safe & Together Ally Guide for Friends & Family

This guide is for friends and family who know a loved one experiencing domestic violence and coercive control.

Safe & Together Publications

Connect to our library of white papers, blogs, and podcasts on topics related to the Safe & Together Model.
The Safe & Together Intersections Meeting

The STIM can be used in a variety of settings. While designed with a multi-sector team composition in mind, it can also be used by internal child welfare teams or other intra-agency teams. This meeting protocol can be implemented without Safe & Together Model training. It will be significantly more effective when participants are trained in the Model. The protocol is designed to work best with the Safe & Together Model Mapping Tool but can be completed without it.
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