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This revolutionary 40-minute film shines a spotlight on the lesser known forms of relationship abuse, like psychological abuse, digital abuse, and gaslighting. With this resource, you can educate your community on the lesser known forms of abuse— and more importantly— how to protect themselves before their relationships turn violent.
  • Video time: 40 minutes
  • Exams: none
PLOT SUMMARY: A young woman links minds with her boyfriend using a device that lets couples relive shared memories— but when she spots overlooked signs of abuse, she must escape before he can manipulate her memories in his favor.
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Watch the Trailer / Intro Video Here:

The Issue

We don’t teach young people the early signs of relationship abuse, so many people suffer immense trauma before they even know what’s happening.
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Widespread impact

“One in three American youths aged 14-20 say they’ve been victims of dating violence.”
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—American Psychological Association

Lasting health effects

“Psychological abuse is a stronger predictor of PTSD than physical abuse among women.”
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Financial repercussions

“U.S. women lose nearly 8 million days of paid work each year because of violence perpetrated
against them by current or former [partners].”
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Why now?

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, reported cases of domestic abuse have risen by 20% worldwide, leading the UN to declare the rise in domestic abuse a concurrent “shadow pandemic.”

-- UN Women

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We have ambitious goals to revolutionize the way young people, professionals, and leaders learn about relationship abuse at a global scale. Your support would be crucial in bringing this project to the people who need it most. You can support The Last Drop's impact campaign.

About the Filmmakers

Writer / Director, Adam Joel, is an impact-driven filmmaker and a survivor of relationship abuse. He produced The Last Drop with an Advisory Board of experts. To book Adam for a speaking engagement, make an inquiry below!