Asia Pacific Region

Live Virtual Core

CORE Training provides a unique learning experience that includes :

Opportunities to Share

Discuss your own current or past cases and explore how the Safe & Together Model could be implemented. 

Practical Knowledge

Improve your domestic violence-informed documentation through individual and group exercises.


Practice interviewing perpetrators, survivors and children through modeling, role play and videos.
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Register now to attend the upcoming session:
4-5 and 11-12 June 2023

Why Core Training?

It’s not enough to talk about keeping children safe from domestic violence. It requires action through transformative practice. It requires a “whole of family” approach.” And requires an evidence-based approach being used by thousands of practitioners and organizations around the globe.
Through experiential exercises, discussion, videos, and lecture, you will learn the following:
  • The fundamental elements of the Safe & Together Model like a perpetrator pattern-based approach and the Multiple Pathways to Harm assessment framework
  • Core practice skills for working with the entire family including assessment, interviewing, documentation and case planning
  • How to use our Perpetrator Pattern Mapping Tool to improve outcomes for families
  • How the Safe & Together Model helps guide practice when cases involve domestic violence intersects, mental health and substance use
  • How the Model’s Six Steps of Partnering with survivors helps identify the protective capacities of survivors, especially those from marginalized communities
  • How the Model helps intervene with perpetrators as parents