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Virtual Attendance: 2 Days

Join us online 14-15 March, 2024 for the live stream of our Asia Pacific Safe & Together™ Model Conference!

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A Fresh Breath: A day in the life of a woman you know

We know that the most common forms of physical violence against women survivors are hits to the head, face, and neck, including strangulation. What is less known is that a significant number of survivors who have experienced these forms of violence are likely also living with a brain injury as a result. In her keynote, Nneka MacGregor will address the intersection of interpersonal violence and traumatic brain injuries. By looking at a day in the life of a survivor, Ms. MacGregor will surface the complex and layered realities for women living with gender-based violence-inflicted traumatic brain injuries as they try to find safety and support while navigating systems and help frontline workers get a deeper understanding of these realities and provide strategies to support survivors at that intersection better.


Stop Blaming Mothers and Ignoring Fathers: A Deep Dive Into the Paradigm Shift Behind the Safe & Together Model

In David Mandel's latest book, he explores how the Safe & Together Model revolutionizes responses to domestic violence. He debunks six professional myths hindering effective practices and systems and, and he emphasizes addressing gender double standards in parenting for meaningful system changes. This workshop will include practice exercises that will help Certified Trainers deepen their application of the Model in training and their own practice.


The “Myth of the Child Witness”:
How professionals can align their practice with children’s experience of domestic violence

The discussion of domestic violence and children has been dominated by the concepts of the “child witness to violence” or “children exposed to violence.” While reflecting a critical pathway to harm from domestic violence perpetrators’ behaviors– seeing and hearing violence–it is an incomplete framework for fully and truly hearing the voice of the child and holding perpetrators accountable as parents. In this keynote, David Mandel will critique current assessment practices related to children and domestic violence and offer up practical, solution-driven changes to bring domestic violence policy and practice more in alignment with child survivors’ lived experiences.