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2024 Asia Pacific Conference (2 Day In-Person &
 1 Day Masterclass)

Join us at the Melbourne Convention Center on 13-15 March, 2024 for the Asia Pacific Safe & Together™ Model Conference!

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MASTERCLASS OPTION 1: The Safe & Together Model in the First Nations Context
This workshop will explore how the Safe & Together Model can support practice approaches with First Nations families in a more culturally sensitive way that incorporates the Aboriginal world views of being, doing, seeing, and knowing. This workshop will highlight and acknowledge the complexities of working with First Nations families affected by colonisation and domestic and family violence. 

 MASTERCLASS OPTION 2: Stop Blaming Mothers and Ignoring Fathers

A Deep Dive Into the Paradigm Shift Behind the Safe & Together Model

In his latest book, the Safe & Together Model revolutionizes responses to domestic violence. Author David debunks six professional myths hindering effective practices and systems. He emphasizes addressing gender double standards in parenting for meaningful system changes. This workshop will include practice exercises that will help Certified Trainers deepen their application of the Model in training and their own practice. 

MASTERCLASS OPTION 3:  An Introduction to the Safe & Together Model
In this master class participants will be introduced to the Principles, Critical Components, and other key aspects of the paradigm-shifting Safe & Together Model. Participants will learn how the Model’s concepts, skills and tools can transform individual practice, agencies culture and systems, and cross sector collaboration. Learn about partnering with survivors, keeping children safe and intervening with perpetrators as parents. Participants are guaranteed to leave the session with new practices they can implement immediately.

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