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Safe & Together Model for
Supervisors & Managers


4-Day CORE Training

Supervisor Training Bundle

Domestic violence is one of the most challenging case issues facing child welfare and other family service agencies. Handling it well requires skills, confidence and knowledge.
Supervising workers in a domestic violence–related practice is one way to make sure employees have the support and guidance they need when working with adult and child survivors, intervening with perpetrators, and managing safety for themselves and the family.
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In this bundle, supervisors and managers learn key skills to help their workers apply a perpetrator pattern–based approach to casework and supervision.
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This interactive, e-course bundle includes 33 hours of training:
Safe & Together CORE (22 hrs)
Safe & Together Supervisor (11 hrs)
In this bundle, supervisors and managers learn key skills to help their workers apply a perpetrator pattern–based approach to casework and supervision.
About the Supervisor Training
This e-course bundle is designed to bring two days of live classroom learning to an online format. It is organized into three critical supervisory skills.
Supervisory skill #1

Assessing and supporting the quality of their workers' practice


Decision making and worker guidance


Addressing worker safety

Supervisors taking this e-course will learn and practice hands-on skills and techniques that will make a difference in their own practice.

About CORE Training Prerequisites

CORE Training explores the importance of:

  • Identifying the impact of domestic violence on children and family functioning.
  • Fact-based assessment of the perpetrators’ behavior patterns.
  • Partnering with adult survivors of domestic violence.
  • Intervening with perpetrators.
  • How domestic violence intersects with other issues like substance abuse and mental health.

Participants of the CORE Training will:

  • Learn to use practice tools, such as Mapping Perpetrators’ Patterns and Multiple Pathways to Harm that can be implemented right away to improve assessment of risk, impact on children, survivor protective efforts and essential case decisions.
  • Practice interviewing perpetrators, survivors and children through modeling, role play and videos.
  • Improve domestic violence-informed documentation through individual and group exercises.
  • Discuss current or past cases and explore how the Safe & Together Model could be implemented.

Also included in CORE Training:

  • Action Plans will be developed by participants to support implementation of the Model to improve their day-to-day practice and to influence their communities and family service systems to become more domestic violence-informed.
  • Participants will complete a pre- and post-test to reflect learning, as well as a training evaluation.
  • Participants who attend all four days and take the post-test will receive a certificate of completion, which indicates they participated in 22 training hours.
  • Participants who complete all four days and score an 80% or higher on the CORE Training post-test will meet one of the prerequisites to become a Safe & Together Model Certified Trainer.

Target Audience

Child Welfare Practitioners
Domestic Violence Advocates
Substance Abuse Treatment, Mental Health and other community service providers
Batterer Intervention or Men’s Behavior Change staff
Court and Legal Personnel
Law Enforcement
Health and Home Visitors
Anyone working with families impacted by domestic violence