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The Virtual Live Core provides a rich introduction to the Safe & Together Model through interactive exercises, discussion, videos, and lectures. You will be introduced to the perpetrator pattern-based approach and the Multiple Pathways to Harm assessment framework.

  • Learn how the Safe & Together Model helps guide practice when cases involve domestic violence intersects with mental health and substance use
  • Learn how the Model’s Six Steps of Partnering with survivors helps identify the protective capacities of survivors, especially those from marginalized communities
  • Learn how the Model helps intervene with perpetrators as parents
The web-based Perpetrator Pattern Mapping Tool is a virtual practice tool for improving assessment, intervention, and outcomes through a perpetrator pattern-based approach.

The tool
  • allows practitioners to apply the Model’s critical concepts and principles to their current case load in real-time
  • helps identify the primary perpetrator and their patterns of coercive control and violence
  • assesses the harm to children
  • documents protective parenting efforts.
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Live Virtual Core & PPMT

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