Virtual Academy Customer Support

How to Access My Courses

Before You Begin (creating your account)

In order to log in and access content, you must first create a Virtual Academy account. Once you've created your account, you will be able to enroll in and access your courses. If you have not yet created a Virtual Academy account, please follow the steps to get started:
  1. Click the Sign In button in the top-right corner of this screen.
  2. Click Create Account and follow the prompts. Scroll down to complete all fields.
Once your account has been created, you can log in here:
After this, you can begin registering for course access directly from your account.

My company sent me a registration link, but I'm being charged for the course.

If your company has sent you a registration link, when you click on it, you should be taken to a payment page that shows a total price of $0 to register. There are three reasons you might be presented with a charge:
The coupon code was not applied after clicking the link.
Sometimes browsers may block the coupon code from auto-populating via the custom registration link. This can be remedied by applying  the coupon code (the very end of the link) from the instructional email to the Coupon Code field. Once applied, the registration price should change to $0.
Coupon cannot be used anymore or has expired.
Registration links (and coupon codes) will only allow learners to register for the assigned course(s) until the expiration date (or "enrollment deadline"). This error message indicates that the maximum number of enrollments has been reached and/or that the enrollment deadline has passed. Learners can purchase access directly from their account or request an invoice if further access is needed.
Oops, it seems that the coupon you are trying to redeem doesn't apply to this.
This message can indicate that there is a typo in the coupon code, or that the coupon code doesn't apply to this product. If you're not sure which, please send us the coupon code and we'll send you a registration link!
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  If you are not logged in, the system will prompt you to create an account. Please remember to log in first before attempting to enroll in the course. Creating multiple accounts may lead to lost data or limited account update options.

My company paid for my courses but I don't see them when I log in.

If your organization paid for your courses via invoice, it's likely that your organization received a custom enrollment/registration link. This link will add the course to your account. If you have not received this link, please reach out to your learning lead. Once you have the link, please follow these steps:
  1. Log into the Virtual Academy with your registered email address and password.
  2. Follow the registration/enrollment link.
  3. Click Buy.
If the course was paid for directly from your account, enrollment should have been immediate. Please reach out to us for further assistance.
  If you are not logged in, the system will prompt you to create an account. Please remember to log in first before attempting to enroll in the course. Creating multiple accounts may lead to lost data or limited account update options.

I registered for access, but I don't know how to return to the course.

Please use the button below to return to the Home page (please feel free to bookmark the page):
Please click the Sign In button in the top right corner of the page. Once logged in, scroll down to view your certificates and courses.
If the button says Sign Out, you may already be logged in. Click the Me tab to return to your Profile.

I attended a live webinar or conference. How do I access the recordings?

Available recorded sessions can be found by returning to the webinar or conference. The meeting link will be replaced by the corresponding video.
Please note that recordings are only available for a limited time.
  • Webinar sessions can be viewed for 30-days after the live session.
  • Conference sessions can be viewed for 60-days after the live session.

I'm trying to access a live virtual training session. Where do I go?

If you're part of a live training session group, you will only find your supplemental learning here in the Virtual Academy. Your sessions are hosted on Zoom. Please return to your employer or learning lead to retrieve the session access details.

I followed the instructions, but I'm not receiving the "Forgot Password" email.

If you’re able to follow the “forgot password” process but do not receive the password-reset email, it’s possible that the email is going to the junk/spam folder, or that our email was blocked. If you’re able to whitelist our emails from your account, this link may be helpful to you:
Our emails are sent from email address:
Once we’re whitelisted, you should receive all emails from the Virtual Academy (these do not include any marketing emails). If this is not an option, please send us the email address you are using and we will be happy to assist!

When does my course access expire?

Course access will expire one year after registration date. Upon expiration, the course will be removed from your course list, but your certificates will remain in your profile.