WEBINAR series  August-September with david mandel

Applying Safe & Together Across Systems, Agencies & Sectors

At the Safe & Together Institute we want to support you to apply domestic abuse informed practice in whatever role, organisation or system you are in.  This webinar series will explore how to apply Safe & Together across systems, agencies & sectors.

Whether you have undertaken training in the Model or are new to it, these webinars are opportunities to learn, ask questions and receive concrete feedback. All four sessions will be led by David Mandel, founder of the Safe & Together Institute, who has over 30 years experience in the fields of domestic violence and child welfare.

Registering gives you access to all four webinars. 2 of the webinars are conveniently timed for the Asia Pacific time zone. 2 are timed for Europe and North America. All of the sessions will be recorded and available approximately 48 hours after the live session for two weeks. This way, registrants can access all the content. 
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Identifying & Preventing the Weaponization of Survivors’ Substance Use and Mental Health by Perpetrators

31 August 9am Perth / 11am Melbourne

90 minutes
*This webinar takes place at 9pm on 30 August EST New York

Have you ever seen survivors’ mental health or substance use issues turned against them by a domestic violence perpetrator? Have you ever struggled with an addiction or mental health client who also was engaging in abuse toward family members? Have you been concerned about a domestic violence survivor’s treatment being sabotaged by an abusive partner? In this webinar, David Mandel, Executive Director and Founder of the Safe & Together Institute explores these questions and how to integrate a perpetrator pattern-based approach to help survivors and intervene with perpetrators when there is complexity including perpetrators with histories of trauma.

Working with Fathers in the Context of Men’s Behaviour Change Programs

31 August 11am EST / 4pm London

 90 minutes

Is your men’s behavior change program successful in addressing perpetrators as parents? While the impact of domestic violence on children is highlighted in these programs, even the most skilled practitioners can be challenged around engaging clients in their role as a father. Successful interventions with perpetrators as parents are critical if these programs are taking referrals from child protection or family court.
In this webinar David Mandel, Executive Director and Founder of the Safe & Together Institute explores how the Model can be applied when working with fathers in the context of men’s behaviour change and how and how a shared approach can strengthen this sector's relationship with other practitioners and systems.

How Advocates’ and Women Sector Workers Can Use the Safe & Together Model to Strengthen their Work with Survivors

21 September 9am Perth / 11am Melbourne 

 90 minutes

*This webinar takes place at 9pm 20 September EST New York

When it comes to children, systems have often blamed survivors for the effects of perpetrators’ behaviours. Survivors parenting strengths are often ignored and perpetrators parenting choices are invisible. We will identify how to keep kids safe without blaming domestic violence survivors, by validating her strengths and increasing interventions with perpetrators as parents.
In this webinar David Mandel, Executive Director and Founder of the Safe & Together Institute explores how the Model can be applied in survivor services and the advocacy sector and the implications for survivors involved with child protection and/or family courts

Applying a Perpetrator Pattern-Based Approach to Child Custody and Access Matters

21 September 11am EST New York / 4pm London NA/EU

90 minutes

Family courts are charged with balancing off child safety with meaningful relationships with both parents. What does this mean in the context of domestic violence?  In many instances, the court is not clearly presented with the perpetrators' patterns and the specifics of the harm it has caused, and  emphasis on collaborative parenting works against the best interests of children in these cases. Drawing on work in family court settings in the United States and Australia, David Mandel, Executive Director and Founder of the Safe & Together Institute will explore how the Model can help decision making in custody and access cases.