Cohort 2

Domestic Violence–Informed Practice for Child Advocacy Center Teams
New Mexico Cohort

Child Advocacy Centers' caseloads, while heavily focused on severe physical abuse and sexual abuse of children, frequently involve elements of domestic violence.

This training package, complete with FIVE self-paced eCourses and FOUR 90-minute instructor-led sessions, is designed to support CAC teams in considering the role of domestic violence perpetrators behaviors in the context of their work.

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LIVE Practice Training Schedule

  • Jul 29, 2021 @ 09:00 AM
  • Aug 5, 2021 @ 09:00 AM
  • Aug 12, 2021 @ 09:00 AM

Safe & Together Institute
Practice Training Bundles

These sector-specific, skills-based training packages include a curated combination of our high quality eCourses and interactive virtual sessions facilitated live by expert staff & faculty

Why this Bundle?

This training bundle introduces Child Advocacy Center Teams to the basics of the Safe & Together Model and connects its unique concepts and practice tools to  the work of CAC teams in considering the role of domestic violence perpetrators behaviors.

Why DV-Informed Practice?

Estimates of overlap between domestic violence and physical maltreatment are generally placed at 30%-60%. Children from homes with a domestic violence perpetrator are believed to be at greater risk for sexual abuse with some studies show an overlap of 70%.

In this training package, we'll supplement our curated self-paced eCourses that explore the domestic violence–informed Safe & Together Model with four 90-minute discussion sessions to examine how the Model applies to the mission and responsibilities of Child Advocacy Center teams.

Discussion topics will include dynamics of coercive control that target both adults and children, partnering with non-offending parents who are also domestic violence survivors, and accountability for perpetrators of both child abuse and domestic violence.

This Practice Training Bundle includes

Introduction to the Model

1st eCourse
This course provides an introduction to the Safe & Together Model and its framework for partnering with domestic violence survivors, intervening with perpetrators, and enhancing child safety.

Multiple Pathways to Harm

2nd eCourse
This course presents a comprehensive assessment lens for identifying the impact of a domestic violence perpetrator's behaviors on child and family functioning.

Working with Men as Parents

3rd eCourse
To work effectively with families, we must approach fathers using the Model's principles and components—with high expectations for men and an understanding of male parental development, as well as how men’s choices and behaviors impact child and family functioning. This course provides a guide for this critical work.

Intersections: DV, Substance Abuse, & Mental Health

4th eCourse
This course introduces an intersections framework to complex cases that helps to increase perpetrator accountability, enhance our understanding of adult and child survivors, and improve our ability to diagnosis and treat each member of the family.

Partnering with the Survivor

5th eCourse
This course describes a step-by-step process for partnering with adult survivors when children are involved.  By working with, not against the adult survivor, practitioners are more likely to be successful in their role related to child safety and well-being.

Four Live Practice Trainings

Virtual Sessions
These instructor-led sessions look at applying the Safe & Together Model to day-to-day skills for CAC teams working with families impacted by domestic violence.