Fathers' Choices Matter:
Using a Behavioral Focus to Working with Perpetrators as Parents

Intervening with perpetrators of domestic violence is central to improving safety and wellbeing for children and families. At the same time, it is one of the most challenging areas of our work. Domestic violence-informed practice rests on the simple notion that male caregivers’ behaviors and choices matter to child and family functioning.
In this package, two introductory practice courses and three 90-minute, instructor-led practice sessions will help participants better understand working with male caregivers and how to effectively apply a perpetrator pattern-based approach to creating and measuring behavioral focus plans with perpetrators.
Live Practice Training Schedule
27 Apr | 4 May | 11 May
9am Perth / 11am Melbourne

This Practice Training Bundle includes

Introduction to the Model

1st E-Course

This course provides an introduction to the Safe & Together Model and its framework for partnering with domestic violence survivors, intervening with perpetrators, and enhancing child safety.

Working with Men as Parents

2nd E-Course

This course presents a comprehensive assessment lens for identifying the impact of a domestic violence perpetrator's behaviors on child and family functioning.

Three Live Practice Trainings

Virtual Sessions

These instructor-led courses look at applying the Safe & Together Model to day-to-day practice skills, including how fully understanding male parental development can assist with engagement, prevention, and intervention with all male caregivers.

Parent-Specific Resources

Practice Tools

Participants will learn using a variety of interactive exercises, complimentary handouts, and unique practice tools, including tools for identifying parenting strengths and creating behavioral-focused case plans.